Why Christmas time is popular for cheating on your partner?

Christmas time, the happiest time of the year, time to spend time with your family—or is it? It may be the season to be jolly but surveys reveal that Christmas is popular for people to cheat on their partners. It’s not just the fancy-free and footloose taking to the dating apps, there is a rise in married people swiping right as well.

Shocking data reveal a rise in cheating partners at Christmas

A survey undertaken by revealed shocking data that 85% of the people surveyed admitted the holidays incited feelings of excitement and passion, responsible for driving them to cheat on their partner. Over half of the respondents said they cheated with a work colleague at the end of year Christmas party. What’s even more shocking is that surveyed 68% of cheaters admitted they had no regrets and almost half of them continued their illicit affairs after the festive season.

The office Christmas party is the most popular place to cheat

The office Christmas party is one of the easiest places for your partner to cheat. Citing there are no plus ones, the steady flow of free drinks, casual flirtations throughout the year and human nature to reflect on the year that’s been, can see the end of year Christmas celebrations as the ideal situation for your partner to hook up with a colleague. Particularly if there is tension at home, stress due to finances, problems with the kids, relationship or family stressors, a Christmas affair may be seen as a form of escape from real life.

Often the cheater won’t leave home with the intention of hooking up with a coworker, but when you don’t tend to get out much, there’s a lack of intimacy at home and your inhibitions are lowered, the flirty, red-lipsticked blonde with the bedroom eyes becomes a little harder to resist. After all, most of the time – what happens at the office Christmas party stays at the office Christmas party. 

Why Christmas is said to be the sexiest Christmas ever

This Christmas party season is said to be a prime cheating time as most party-goers are doing their best to make up for missing out on a myriad of events, thanks to the coronavirus.

74% of males and 66% of women surveyed by illicit planned to party harder this year since the previous Christmas was ruined due to COVID-19 restrictions.

The next most popular time for cheating on your partner—according to Ashley Madison websites survey—is New Years Day. With an alleged 450,000 Australian members on its cheating website, the team revealed the US site traffic increased by more than 300% on New Years Day. 

Will your partner cheat at the office Christmas party?

Often to keep expenses down, office Christmas parties are restricted to staff only—no plus ones. This makes it easier for the end-of-year bash to become a playground and give into temptation. With free-flowing mojitos, being too glam to give a damn and the opportunity to let your hair down, sometimes those casual office flirtations end up going a little too far! If your relationship is far from perfect it can be worrying for the partner left at home for the evening.

Here are some signs to look for that your partner may end up cheating:
Your partner has a work wife/work husband that you’ve never met
Granted, most work wife/work husband relationships, where both partners are in relationships are innocent. It’s a harmless flirtation. However, add alcohol into the mix and those lines can get a little blurry.

You’re  fighting a lot lately
Everything about you seems to piss your partner off. You can’t seem to put a foot right and you’re walking around not sure when the next landmine will trigger an explosion.

You get ignored
Your partner is too caught up in everything else but you. You could walk past the TV in the sexiest lingerie on to be told to get out of the way. If your partner doesn’t seem to care what you do, where you go or when you’re going to be home, their interest in your relationship is fairly low. Yet if you asked them what their plans are, you get accused of being clingy or needy.

They are vague about the Christmas party arrangements
‘Oh, we’re just going to some pub’ or some restaurant in town. Your partner knows exactly where they are going, they’re just making sure you don’t turn up.

Too drunk to drive home
That might be so, but there’s always Uber. ‘I’m sleeping at a mates place’ or just going to get a hotel room is a big red flag.

Note, not all these behaviours indicate that your partner has actually cheated. Be sure to get your ducks lined up and actual evidence before you throw around accusations. There’s nothing like a lack of trust to destroy a relationship.

What can you do to put your mind at ease?

  1. Be honest about your feelings upfront and why you are feeling the way you are. It may help to voice your opinion. 
  2. Ask to meet the work wife or husband prior to the Christmas party. Even if you invite them over for a dinner party or BBQ
  3. Offer to be the sober driver for the evening to save on Uber or taxi fares.
  4. If they are staying overnight at a hotel, ask your partner if they mind you coming. While they’re partying, you can enjoy the hotel facilities, order room service, spa treatment and the next morning enjoy a leisurely breakfast.
  5. Hire a cheating partner investigator. At least that way you’ll know one way or another what you are dealing with.