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How to catch cheating spouse?

If you find yourself asking “How do I catch my spouse cheating?” you’ve obviously discovered a few red flags that have you worried. Rather than ignore the little niggle feeling in your stomach that sees you surreptitiously inspecting shirt collars for lipstick marks and stray hairs that don’t match yours—there are better ways to get irrefutable proof to catch your spouse cheating.

One of the first things you’ll be tempted to do is Google and type “How do I catch my spouse cheating?” You’ll get thousands of search results and can waste hours trawling myriads of suggestions. You’re wasting precious time! In this article, we’ll give you an overview of some of the more foolproof and creative ways to get the proof you need.


How to catch my cheating spouse?

1. Hire a spouse investigator

By snooping and asking probing questions, you’re likely to alert your cheating partner to the fact that you’re hot on their trail. If they are suspicious they may adjust their behavior for a few weeks until they’re sure your fears have put to bed.

Cheating Partners’ spouse investigators provide covert surveillance and will trail your philandering husband or wife for a few days to see if they deviate from their normal routine and are cited with any ‘friends’ you don’t know about.

2. Get your spouse’s mobile phone forensically analyzed

Technology doesn’t lie. At Cheating Partners our private investigators can provide an in depth analysis and recovery of mobile phone data (or computer hard drives). So, in most cases, they can get access to files that were ‘deleted’ including a directory of phone calls made, access to password protected files, phone locations and even deleted messages. #busted!

3. Set a honey trap

A honey trap is a strategic way to lure your spouse into revealing information or seduced by a very attractive person. Generally, the honey trap will approach your suspected cheating spouse and flirt with them making intimate suggestions to gauge how willingly they respond. Statistically proven to be quite successful when used to elicit information on their relationship status and how far they are willing to go. Putting your husband’s or wife’s infidelity to the test by using a honey trap may be opening a hive of bees. If you are wrong about your suspicions, you may be inadvertently putting your partner directly in the path of temptation—and you’ll be the one that ends up getting stung.

4. Use app technology

Technology is your friend when it comes to catching your cheating spouse. There are numerous apps you can install to help you monitor behavior and locations. Where’s my phone, Friend Finder and Chat Message Tracker – Remotely, will give you access to a full suite of tools to find out if your spouse is where they said they were and get access to a range of messages on Facebook, WhatsApp and SMS. You may need access to your partner’s phone. So, with iris recognition and fingerprint unlock this is becoming more increasingly difficult to install.

5. Check the Trash Folder on Emails and Recycle Bin

Many people delete messages but then don’t empty the trash or recycle bin. This is one of the first and easiest actions you can take if you have access to computers or mobile devices. Look for messages to email addresses and names you don’t recognize.

6. GPS Tracker

Digital technology is becoming more and more affordable. You can pick up a magnetic GPS tracker for around $AU200. This can fitted to the car so you can monitor your partner’s movements. Are they going to work or the gym like they’ve told you? Or are they really at a work conference in Sydney? However, if you’re in the ‘denial phase’, you can end up justifying any behavior in your mind. Hard, irrefutable proof such as photos and video footage taken by a trained spouse investigator can be a more affordable alternative.

It’s one thing to wonder ‘is my spouse cheating?’ but it’s a completely different matter when you confronted with the truth. You could try the old school approach of asking straight out. But accusations and breaches of trust can quickly erode healthy relationships. We recommend taking the swiftest course of action. Don’t spend months of self-doubt or half-hearted attempts to uncover the truth. Hire a spouse investigator from Cheating Partners. All you need to do is pick up the phone and ask ‘How do I catch my spouse cheating?’ and if it proves you’re just paranoid, no one else has to even know.


Our private investigators and detectives are highly trained and specialized in both private investigations and surveillance techniques. Also, they have gained their skills and experience through work in government agencies, military, police or private enterprises. We help you confirm or deny your suspicions, leaving you with either piece of mind or helping you to make that decision to move on.

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