Surveillance Investigations: Investigation
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Surveillance Investigations

CHEATING PARTNERS is a private surveillance investigations agency specializing in infidelity, cheating spouses, and cheating partners’. We cater to both heterosexuals as well as the gay and lesbian communities.

Our private infidelity investigators and detectives are highly trained and specialized in both private investigations and
surveillance techniques and have gained their skills and experience through work in government agencies, military, police, or private enterprises.

Cheating Partners can help you confirm or deny your suspicions, leaving you with either peace of mind or helping you to make that decision to move on.

We use covert surveillance to assist you in determining if your partner is a cheat. Our more advanced services include data retrieval from hard drives and mobile devices.

Integrity and

What We Do in Surveillance investigations?

Cheating Partners is highly specialized in investigating infidelity regardless of whether you are married, engaged, or in a relationship.

We understand that you are going through an emotional roller coaster and are unsure of what is your next step: to believe the word of your partner or do you confront them. Either way without real and documented evidence you will never know the actual truth.

We are here, to give you peace of mind through this investigation of your partner’s social behavior. Our job is to investigate your partner regardless of their location. We will provide you with a complete analysis report and detailing your partner’s behavior.

If you like to know more about your partner and their suspicious behavior, contact us and we will guide you through the entire process before you engage our services. Our investigators are discrete, professional, and reliable and most importantly we provide you with a report and video about your partner confirming your suspicions or perhaps they are telling you the truth.

Our Services

Surveillance Investigation

Our team of surveillance technicians and investigators will obtain your photo or video evidence about your cheating partner, disloyal business partners, or your employees.

Our private investigators and private detectives are equipped with the latest technology when it comes to surveillance-related matters.

After the surveillance investigations, you will receive a copy of the videotape or photo images of the surveillance conducted.

The Report and Video footage is prepared in a manner so that it can use if required for a civil or family court as evidence.

Although we specialise in cheating spouses, partners and infidelity investigations we are proud to offer private investigations to our clients such as:

  • Disloyal Partners Investigations

    If you are in a business partnership and you believe that your business partner is “moonlighting” and is using the company assets or products to create their wealth? Sometimes business relationships can strain and you are losing money, assets, or reputation resulting from the fraudulent activities of your business partner. We will assist you in obtaining real, physical, and documented evidence through our private investigations and surveillance investigations. Read More

  • Child Custody/Family Court Investigations

    The most precious and valuable gift in life is your child and if you are going through court proceedings and you believe that your child has been neglected by your ex-partner then without any doubt you need to contact us as soon as possible.
    Our investigation will obtain and collect real and documented evidence about your ex-partner’s activities and how they are adored and looking after your precious child. Read More

  • Missing Person Investigations

    If you are looking to locate any missing persons your beloved partner, spouse, friend, or debtor we can assist you in this matter. Please note that we do not only provide investigations we are also offering you coaching and consultancy when it comes to missing persons. Sometimes the person that you are looking for does not want to find for various reasons; however, we will assist you in locating your loved ones or debtor producing you with a comprehensive report. Read More

  • Background Check

    Are you suspicious about your ‘loyal’ employees stealing from you, creating discrepancies and losses for your business? Do you believe that your employees are not performing in the workplace? Do your employees deliberately and purposely destroy company assets and property or damage the company’s reputation in front of clients? We will investigate all of your suspicions and provide you with a comprehensive report including a surveillance report which can use as real evidence for further action.


How to handle a Cheating Partner?

How to handle a cheating partner can be difficult when you’re overwhelmed with emotions. Do you stay or do you go? Do you let it destroy your relationship or let go of your anger, forgive and rebuild your relationship? Whether you’ve uncovered the infidelity yourself or you’ve used a private investigator like Cheating Partners to

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