Missing Person Investigation

Missing person investigation: Private investigators for missing persons

How do I find a missing person in Australia?

When you want to find someone and don’t rely on a Facebook or Google Search, turn to the experts in missing person investigation. At Cheating Partners, we’ve been helping families and businesses track down persons of interest for 20 years. A missing person can affect anyone and is never a comfortable feeling. The uncertainty and pain it brings to many people’s lives can leave you in a highly stressful situation. We understand locating a missing person is extremely important and matters can sometimes be sensitive. But we treat all with care.

With access to resources, the general public doesn’t have access to; we can help you track down that missing family member or bad debtor whether they’re in Australia. Our ability to locate a missing person simply doesn’t mean we type a name into a database. We use digital forensics, carry out discrete phone investigations and follow up any leads immediately.

More than 38,000 missing persons reported in Australia each year. Most people are found within a relatively short period. But about 2,600 people have been missing for more than three months.

Do you need help with finding a missing person?  Let us help you now, call now for a free confidential discussion with one of our licensed private investigators on 1300 224 328  and our private investigators for missing persons will collect full reports and tangible proofs.

How to Find a Missing Person Using Private Investigators?

When it comes to locating a missing person, each case is unique. You may have recently lost contact with the person you’re looking for or perhaps you’ve never actually met the subject of the investigation. You may have comprehensive personal details to help in the search or perhaps you only have a name, phone number, or old address. Moreover, the person sought may be in the next suburb or an entirely different country.

Investigators find most missing persons by conducting detailed searches on databases or by making associated discreet inquiries. Often, creative thinking is required – it’s not what databases searched but rather how they search that gets results. The investigation must tailor to suit the circumstances. Also, every shred of evidence can be important in getting a positive outcome.

Missing Person Investigation: Case Study

  1. The subject of the investigation was deliberately avoiding detection as she knew people were seeking to locate her. She made sure her name did not come upon any databases. We examined historical records in the hope they would give us clues.
  2. We noticed that a male appeared on a database at an address where the female subject is formerly known to be a resident. He may have been co-resident with the subject or perhaps they lived there at different times. Other searches revealed the male had previously lived over the road from the subject at other addresses miles away.
  3. We drew the inference that the subject and the male had become friends or, more likely, partners at the older location when they lived near one another. It would have been too great a coincidence had they separately decided to move into the same residence subsequently.
  4. We then conducted searches to endeavor to locate the male and uncovered a listing for him in another state. Fieldwork at the address enabled us to confirm the subject female resided there and our client was successfully able to serve her with legal documents.


Why choose private investigators for missing persons?

Each year, over 800,000 people are officially reported missing according to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center. Of this number, around 80-90% is minors. Locating a missing person is an extremely time-sensitive matter, and the police generally work under limitations that prevent them from being as effective as they could be. Private investigators can be much more effective in locating a missing person.

Police only begin looking for a missing person after a certain amount of time has passed; by that time, it can be far too late if the person abducted or otherwise harmed. Police also don’t spring to action right away to search for people who may have left their homes voluntarily or who live on the streets. Additionally, police stop looking for a person after a certain amount of time, and the case declared as closed.  So resources can be devoted to other cases. Private investigators not bound by these restrictions. A private investigator begins looking for a missing person as soon as they notify the person’s disappearance. They can also continue trying to locate the person as long as you’re still seeking information.

How do cheating partners’ private investigators find a missing person?

Private investigators have many skills and strategies they can use to locate a missing person depending on the situation:

1. Surveillance: Private investigators can observe places where a missing person might be and can track a suspect’s movements to determine the missing person’s location.

2. Searches of hospitals or mortuaries: Private investigators know to easily access these facilities to determine the presence of a missing person.

3. Investigative techniques: Private investigators might use background checks, witness questioning, or other investigative techniques to identify suspects or individuals who can help locate the missing person.

4. Networking: Private investigators often have a large network of fellow private investigators or informants they can pay to help them in a search or to provide useful information.

5. Physical searches: Private investigators may be able to use specialized vehicles to search air, land, and sea; areas the average person can’t easily access. Benefit from our expertise in locating bad debtors, defendants, reconnecting friends and family, or finding a person you’re worried about.

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Our missing person investigation specializes in:

1. Debt recovery

Track down missing clients who owe you money.

2. Missing partners investigation

Serve divorce papers or track down an ex for child support payments.

3. Child protection

Gather evidence your partner is planning on taking your children interstate or abroad without your permission.

4. Search and Rescue

Continue searching for missing friends or family members after the official police search has called off.

5. Serving documents

Track down missing people for court subpoenas, final demands notices, and any other legal documents.

6. Reconnect with School Friends

7. Find your best friend from high school or an old flame

8. Find birth parents

Discover relatives you never knew existed

9. Locate witnesses

A victim of a crime or injured? we can help you track down witnesses for court cases.

10. Find beneficiaries

Executors looking to find relatives for deceased estates and inheritances.

Even in the digital era of the internet and social media, some people can be exceptionally hard to find. If you need to hire us for missing person investigations, we guarantee 100% confidentiality.

About our missing person investigation

Based in Baulkham Hills, NSW, Cheating Partners also specializes in missing persons.

Our missing person’s investigation is carried out by a highly skilled team in digital forensics with all team members having worked for government agencies, the police, military or related private enterprises.

We understand hiring a private investigator to locate a missing person is an overwhelming or emotional experience. Also, we know that each case is different and treated with the utmost care and respect.

During our first meeting, we will take a full brief—the details of the missing person and the circumstances, their last known whereabouts, and what efforts have been made to contact them previously.

Throughout the investigation, you will keep fully informed. After our missing person investigations have concluded, we will provide a comprehensive report on the findings—good or bad.

On completion you will receive:

  • A full report on surveillance carried out
  • Tangible proof of what we uncovered
  • Footage of the surveillance/and or photographs

The next steps are up to you!

For discrete and 100%, confidential missing person inquiries talk to us today. 1300 224 328