how to catch a cheating spouse

The best way to catch your cheating spouse in 2021

how to catch a cheating spouse? Forget following your partner incognito wearing dark sunglasses and a sombrero, the best way to catch your cheating spouse in 2021 requires being a little more tech-savvy! The last couple of years and lockdowns have meant more horny husbands and wandering wives are turning to electronic means to carry on affairs.

How to catch a cheating spouse? 7 best ways are here

Let’s face how to catch a cheating spouse. Catching your spouse red-handed isn’t as easy as we would like it to be. It’s even worse if you have no idea how to go about it. We are here to help. However, just before we dive into the best ways to catch a cheating husband, we’d like to point out how not to catch a cheating spouse.

Are you having suspicions about your husband’s fidelity? Are you continually asking questions like “How to catch a  cheating spouse”? Do you feel like there’s another woman in the picture? Having these suspicions can be both mentally and emotionally draining.

1. Mobile phone data and location logs

Getting access to your partner’s phone can feel like you are violating their privacy. But what about your rights to the truth? 

With secret folders that are locked with password codes, disappearing messages in WhatsApp, Signal, and Facebook Messengers, and the ability to set up private groups, finding evidence to prove your cheating suspicions is more increasingly difficult. But if you can get hold of your partner’s phone, it can be one of the most effective ways for you to find the truth. 

As spouse investigators, it doesn’t matter whether the phone has been stomped on, smashed, set on fire, or swam laps of the toilet bowl, there is a way to extract data from the inner gizzards of the phone. 

Once upon a time, it was simply called logs and locations that could be extracted from a mobile phone. In 2021, people are virtually carrying their entire lives in their pockets. Even if you take a sexy picture and delete it, there are ways to retrieve it. 

2. Factory resets don’t permanently delete images and videos

Not even a complete factory reset will hide your sins. You are also unable to permanently delete videos, banking details, geo-positioning, text messages, and web-browsing history. For a full forensic analysis of your partner’s phone, our forensic phone experts will organize to delve into the depths of the data to reveal the answers to make the life decisions that allow you to learn to trust or move on.

3. Computers and hard drives

 Phones are a little easier to discretely smuggle to our cheating spouses team. A missing computer or laptop is a little more noticeable. Using similar technology to that we use to trawl smartphone data can be applied to home computers and other electronic devices. Data recovery and inspection of your partner’s digital footprint will provide clues offering insight. If your partner isn’t very tech-savvy, it may be as simple as checking the online search history or browsing through the recycle bin.

4. Keystroke loggers

Usually installed by scammers wanting access to your bank account details, keystroke loggers can monitor every press of the keyboard to track someone’s online behavior. The computer records every single action and is uploaded to the computer, can also be plug-n-play USB sticks and allow you to monitor the action in real-time via Wi-Fi.

5. Smart glasses

Just like some of the best spy movies, Smart glasses are a discreet way to capture the undeniable action of a cheater, providing you can get within visual distance. Microsoft, Meta (The new name change for the umbrella Facebook company), Google, and Amazon all have offerings in the smart glasses market. All the glasses will support Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. No longer will spouse investigators need to carry bulky cameras that blow their cover. 

6. Drone technology

Drone technology provides a new perspective from a birds-eye view. Whether it’s off the beaten track or surveillance of rough terrain, drone technology provides the capability of getting eyes in the sky. One of the advantages of drone technology, like smart glasses, is discretion. Cheating spouses are a little more paranoid and maybe on the look for vehicles that appear to be tailing them. Most people wouldn’t suspect they may follow from above. Ongoing surveillance from above provides more scope, but there are still laws that even spouse investigators need to abide by. Avoid undertaking drone operations yourself unless you are familiar with aviation laws in Australia.

7. GPS trackers

The subtle way to find out if your partner’s lying about where they go! They can be used to track your car or handbag if it gets stolen, but they can also be used to catch out your partner if he or she lies about their destination. This is a good option if you can’t easily get access to their phone to check their locations.

About our Sydney private investigators

Having worked in highly covert operations for government agencies, the police, military, or as private investigators, our team of spouse investigators is moving with the times to ensure you get the truth about your chatting spouse as fast as possible. 

We use the best means of tracking and collecting information electronically, even if it requires forensic investigation of mobile phone data and location tracking. Cheating partners understand that each infidelity case needs to treat with the utmost discretion and confidentiality. We will talk to you about your history and determine the best way forward to uncover whether or not your ex is cheating. We may employ some of the above.


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